5 ways to know which job is right for you

5 ways to know which job is right for you

Searching for job is stressful, at the same time confusing. It is hard to decide which job is right for you. Here are the ways you can find out.



Do you feel a positive connection with the job? You must enjoy the work you will do. You must feel that the job has good value and is interesting. If you can identify yourself with the job then you know that the job is right for you.

Resources available


Find out whether the job provides you enough resources to cope up with the targets and deadlines. Decide whether you will be able to accomplish the company’s target or not. Find out if you will have training and other facilities to improve your knowledge and performance.



Consider what kind of compensation the company is offering you. The benefits must be attractive for you to remain in the job for a long time. Besides the tangible benefits, consider the intangible benefits as well. For example, ‘Is your company reputed?’ Or, ‘Is your position recognized?’

Career progression


See if there is scope for career growth. You don’t want your career to be stagnant. So, take up the job if there is opportunity for further growth.

Social factors


Find out if the work environment is supportive and the colleagues are friendly or not. You will be spending a major portion of your whole day in the office; so, the environment is important.

These factors can help you determine whether the job you have applied for is right for you or not. Don’t make any haste decisions. Think about all the possibilities before making the final decision.

4 tips to improve CV

4 tips to improve CV

CV is the first impression the recruiters are going to get about yourself. You should make it impressive. Apart from having the general elements like education and experience, you must focus on some details to make your CV more attractive. Here are 4 tips to improve your CV.

Clear value proposition

You must have a unique selling proposition. The employers would want to know how the candidate will be suitable for them. Avoid using terms like ‘great communicator’ or ‘results-oriented’. These are too generalized terms.

Consistent style

You should have the same style throughout the CV. Once you have come up with a clear value proposition, you must now have the same style in the rest of the CV as well.

Easy to read

Your CV must have a very compelling message. It must be easy to read as well. Instead of having a one page densely written CV, have a 3 page clearly written CV. You must be careful with the font type and font size and as well. It’s better to stick to the standard fonts, like Times New Roman.


Your CV should have testimonials form customers, bosses and colleagues. This is very important if you are changing career path. Testimonials strengthen your CV. They say a concrete message about the candidate.

These small additions to your CV can make a great impact on the recruiters’ mind. You should use these tips when writing CV for you next job. Make sure to include the important points at the top of your CV. It will make you stand out from the rest of the candidates.

5 interesting employment statistics of UK

5 interesting employment statistics of UK

The job market always keeps on fluctuating. Here are some interesting employment statistics of the UK job market.

  1. Almost half of fresh graduates in UK are working in non-graduate jobs. 47% graduates were working in jobs that didn’t need any higher educational background. This underemployment is a great loss of investment in skills. The fact that overqualified candidates are getting into non-graduate jobs makes it harder for the less qualified to find work. The competition has increased; 50 graduates are fighting for one job. This is also a reason for the graduates to seek non-graduate jobs.
  2. Statistics show that about 700,000 people in UK have zero hours contract in their main job. These jobs offer no guarantee of work hours. The benefits they provide are also minimum. Some people think that this type of contract keeps the employees off the hook and provides flexibility. But majority of the employees under such contract are not happy about it.
  3. The unemployment rate in UK is a little more than 5.1%. This rate is lower than the previous years. This is good news for the graduates.
  4. The wage growth has gone down. The current wage rate is 2%. This is a bad sign, as employees will be getting less salary.
  5. The employment rate is 74.81%. This is a good indication that the job market is growing. So, graduates have better chance of getting a job.

These statistics show that the job market in UK is volatile. It will be a great challenge for students to find a suitable job once they come out of the universities.