4 tips to improve CV

4 tips to improve CV

CV is the first impression the recruiters are going to get about yourself. You should make it impressive. Apart from having the general elements like education and experience, you must focus on some details to make your CV more attractive. Here are 4 tips to improve your CV.

Clear value proposition

You must have a unique selling proposition. The employers would want to know how the candidate will be suitable for them. Avoid using terms like ‘great communicator’ or ‘results-oriented’. These are too generalized terms.

Consistent style

You should have the same style throughout the CV. Once you have come up with a clear value proposition, you must now have the same style in the rest of the CV as well.

Easy to read

Your CV must have a very compelling message. It must be easy to read as well. Instead of having a one page densely written CV, have a 3 page clearly written CV. You must be careful with the font type and font size and as well. It’s better to stick to the standard fonts, like Times New Roman.


Your CV should have testimonials form customers, bosses and colleagues. This is very important if you are changing career path. Testimonials strengthen your CV. They say a concrete message about the candidate.

These small additions to your CV can make a great impact on the recruiters’ mind. You should use these tips when writing CV for you next job. Make sure to include the important points at the top of your CV. It will make you stand out from the rest of the candidates.