aboutRecruitment and employment agencies can be expensive. We started Part-Time Heroes to provide an affordable recruitment and employment solution for those who are looking for suitable candidates to contribute to their organizations and also people who are looking for jobs. Besides providing full time opportunities, we also offer part time employment opportunities.

We have a huge network. So far we have given jobs to more than 500 people since our operation in 2009. It is a great platform for recruitment and employment. We have a very big database of candidates qualified in different fields. Organizations give us their job description and criteria they are looking for in a candidate. We then scroll through our database and send them the list of suitable candidates.

After a company hires someone from our database, we take feedback of their performance after three months. This way we can know that the recruiters were happy with our service. This  also help us improve our service. We also take feedback from the employee to know how the work environment is, etc. This also tells us many things about the recruiter. Within this short period of time, we have earned a good reputation in this field. So if you are interested in our service, just send us an email with your detailed information. We will save your information in our database and will call you once an appropriate opportunity comes up.